Reply To: PSTEC for Complex PTSD

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Steve

    Thanks for the interesting vid links. I pretty much agree with all the presenters, just a shame they have not yet come across PSTEC. Re Brad Yates, Tap-a-longs are an easy way to get into EFT and try it, if not as effective as working with an EFT Therapist.

    Yes we are all affected by our environment particularly growing children. Yes the effects show up as all the many “illnesses” we see in our clients. A client comes in to you about their weight problem, you find out after some talking that  they were abused as a child. The abuser was a parent who not bad as such was suffering from stress at work and drank too much. So the real problem is our society, our environment, our civilisation. Yes we have the tools like PSTEC to help individuals but this is trying to shut the stable door after the horse has gone. If as many as 1 in 4 people are affected then as therapists we are swamped with too much to do. But then we can only do what we can do and have faith that what little we can do will ripple out to a wider audience.

    I hold it as true that “necessity is the mother of invention” and solutions to problems appear when needed. Percussive suggestion did not happen for no reason it was needed. What I find hopeful is that after using PSTEC for sometime and “clearing out” my past baggage I found that once you throw out the bad stuff the good stuff can shine through. This good stuff I think Jeff would call JEEP, he might agree with me that Joy, Excitement, Enthusiasm and Peace could be regarded as symptoms of love. Love in the wider sense not just the sexual. The emotion of love produces hormones in the body which I would guess are about the opposite to those produced by stress. Anger is an outward product of stress. An angry person affects others nearby who respond with anger and stress, others walk away. A person with love is someone you want to be with and can have a positive effect on a whole roomful of people.

    Maybe I am just an ancient hippy!  :)

    PSTEC a fantastic therapy for people who have problems, yes, but for me it goes a whole lot further.

    One of my favourites is Dr Bruce Lipton a pioneer in epigenetics. Search Youtube and you will find lots to see.

    More from my own thinking