Reply To: Having some confidence, but wanting more

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Jackie… a great strategy to increase confidence in a general way is to use PP to suggest beliefs about your abilities to your subconscious.  Take that a little further by imagining how being incredibly confident would look to you.  Look at yourself and imagine that… what does it look like… what characteristics do you have… what are the details of your demeanor, language, posture, thoughts, etc.  Now, take that description and break it down into descriptive sentences that are singular in focus for each sentence.  So, you may end up with several PP Sentences to use with PP.

    In addition to that, look for a specific instance where you wish to BE confident… let's say when you are at work doing {blank}.  Imagine being confident doing {blank}, what does that look like?  Now, express that in one or more PP Statements specific to that “task.”

    Note: when you imagine success in any general or specific way, sit with it for a while… how does that feel?  I have done this with many people and initially they say they feel good, but when I delve a bit more with questions, like: 'Are there any drawbacks to being successful like that?'; usually something comes up along with some emotions and you know what?  That's great!!!  Because then we target the CT's on the emotions first, then once it's down to 0-1, we begin using the PP tracks on our intention and your success with PSTEC will skyrocket!

    Malama Pono!