Reply To: Fear of Everything

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Included with Level 1 is the nearly 1 hour tutorial “Success with PSTEC and PSTEC Positive” and then the specific process of PSTEC Positive (PP) is included toward the end of that tutorial.  Quite a bit there already.

    Is it pretty much ineffective w/out buying the Secrets?
    No, not at all.  With that initial tutorial (and especially with the 1 hour therapist tutorial with Level 1), you can go a long way and may find you don't need or want anything else.  In fact, when I first started using PP, I did not have PP Secrets and they worked wonderfully for my clients and myself as well!

    The idea of PSTEC Positive Secrets was to expose more methods, techniques and strategies to become even more effective with PP.  But, if someone had the basic tutorial and then also PP Secrets all at once, most would probably fail because it would be too much at once.

    So, it's about doling it out at various increments depending upon the individual and also creating a “module” type of structure so that if you are limited in funds, you can always work your way through or even skip some depending upon your desires and goals.

    Why does PSTec Positive Secrets cost extra?  ($47 extra too, not cheap)
    You can perceive things in this type of light, but then you will resist investing in your future expansion, abundance, joy and peace.
    Can you do it without it?  As I said above; Of course!

    Another perception is that investing a small amount like $47 could mean the difference between success or not or at least the timeframe of you finding the freedom your yearn for.

    I can easily recall many, many people that have doubled and tripled what they create because they have shifted their mind model … or, they have allowed true peace and joy in life through their personal relationships with others and themselves … or, they have allowed wonderful health in their life because they invested the time and money to discover their Truth.  Can you truly put a price on that?  When you look at your potential when you Truly become free, does a little $47 really seem “not cheap?”  Or, is it a drop in the bucket compare to what it can help you create and produce?

    As var as value, yes, it's in the eye of the beholder; but, in truth, Tim has put together tutorials, tools and perceptions that go far beyond (especially in their practicality) other methods or techniques… it's about results to him.  He has basically dedicated his life to this and keeps most of the tools and tutorials at very low prices and also gives away quite a bit, including the Basic Package with the Click Tracks… always free and always will be.

    And, speaking of the Click Tracks … if you are irritated still, pull out your CT's and give it a whirl and see how your perception changes.  ;)

    Best to make judgments and decisions when you are feeling more JEEP!