Reply To: PP xtra power vs Peak Performance

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi warren … “dating success” I would assume not to be a single performance, per se, but an ongoing experience.  Plus, when you say, “…successful interactions…” that would depend upon your definition of a successful interaction.  You see?

    From my perspective, how we relate to people is based upon how clear we are in our own mind… our we harmonious within or is our mind like a battlefield where we are constantly wavering in our intention, thoughts and actions.

    When we are harmonious, we share that harmony with others… if we are at peace, we share that.  When we are confident in knowing who and what we truly are, again, we share that.  Some will appreciate it, some will not; but you will find those appreciate your unlimited outlook to be like in personality and ambition.  How we react to each outcome is based upon, again, how harmonious we are within.  Hey, when we are clear, we are clear headed and make more positive decisions for ourselves, right?

    When we are not in harmony within… we our minds are a playing field of conflict and then we experience more conflicts with people.  Now, we can be in pain in those instances or we can see the conflict within and begin to heal it (enter your PSTEC Tools).

    Make sense?

    So, your mind model is of the utmost important in how you see the world and it begins with how you see yourself.

    You shift your mind model through releasing emotional issue with the Basic Click Tracks, EEF's and Accelerator Tapping Tracks (ATT) and you shift beliefs and behaviors with PSTEC Positive (PP), PP Extra Power and the ATT's.

    So, I would go with Level 1 and get the original PP and also get PP Extra Power so that you can, more quickly, find that harmony within that will help you in all relationships, whether they are long term or shorter, business or personal, etc.

    As a side note, Peak Performance is more for individual endeavors; say for example a speech, starting dance or music lessons, an interview for a new job, etc.  Something you would be “rehearsing for” so to speak.

    So, when it comes to dating, I would assume you are trying for a connection with someone rather than it being something you “rehearse for” or something that is a “single event.”

    Make sense?