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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Mahalo, kuteguy, for the clarification on your thoughts about the definition of “womanizer” … we never heard back from fishandchips on the subject, so let's move forward here…

    Some definitions regarding womanizer:
    * a man given to seducing women
    * (Of a man) engage in numerous casual sexual affairs with women

    one definition references philanderer…a man who readily or frequently enters into casual sexual relationships with women; a womanizer.

    Let's look at a few defintions of seduce…
    * attract (someone) to a belief or into a course of action that is inadvisable or  foolhardy.
    * entice into sexual activity.
    * attract powerfully.

    Keep in mind that the act of seduction is manipulation … it is discovering the “weaknesses” of an individual, pandering to them and “steering” them to your intended desires.

    Stay with me here…

    I bring those definitions up because it's important to know your subconscious motivations because merely “getting what we desire” is not necessarily Living Free.

    So, with all that said…

    I certainly do not intend to judge someone nor do I attempt to impose my beliefs on another.  So, my comments below have the intention to give you my insight not only in terms of what would be most “freeing” to you, but also what would be freeing to those you interact with… those you are in relationship with whether it's long or short term.

    You see, if we are in relationships with someone and we are “free” but the other person or people are not “free,” it's questionable whether anyone of us is free unless we are working in a healing capacity.

    For fishandchips…
    Your request is interesting in light of not only the purpose of PSTEC, which is to allow more and more people the knowledge and tools to become Truly Free, but also because I know you desire to be free and have enjoyed some new found freedom in light of your other post:… It's obvious you have experienced some emotional freedom very quickly and, my purpose in writing this is to give you a suggestion that would keep you on the path to Freedom, rather than sending you down a spiraling path of limitations.

    It's interesting because your request, “… to integrate the beliefs of a womanizer and ladies …”will most likely lead you and those you interact with to experience a lack of True Freedom.

    Again, when one “womanizes” a female, it involves manipulation… taking advantage of another person's weaknesses.  It also involves a lack of transparency and truthfulness where one moves in the direction of doing almost anything to impose his will.

    When we disregard another, we do not move freely because we must maintain those manipulative ways and the false faces or masks we wear when we are trying to impose our will on another.

    “Impose your will” does not necessarily include the use of force; but, can also mean imposing your will by finding someone vulnerable in their lack of freedom and taking advantage of that vulnerable position.

    One might argue that it's their choice… or that if I don't take advantage, someone else will… or that it is freeing to manifest my desires and let other take care of themselves … etc.

    But, when one manipulates another, neither one is free… both are bound by the masks they wear … both are bound by, what I call, an error in thinking that says, “I am limited.”

    The vulnerable one is thinking in limited terms and the one taking advantage of that position is also thinking in limited terms for the simple fact that the person must go for another who is weakened.

    For kuteguy…

    Your desire to be a “person who has no qualms and hiccups about approaching a woman with 100% confidence” is freeing and worthy of work to Live Free without question.I believe when you are confident, there is no need to “steer the conversation” (i.e. manipulate)… you see?

    PSTEC can be used for almost anything and, yes, one could use PSTEC to become manipulative if they want because Tim designed PSTEC to work on whatever you are focusing on… as long as you follow the instructions.

    It's up to you and your free will to choose what you do with it.

    So, here's how you use PSTEC to manifest your desire to shift your confidence and character… in short…

    If you want to become something in particular, imagine what that person would be like… the characteristics and personality…[and craft PSTEC Statements that support that personality.I can't help you with statements because I would not choose to delve into the mind of someone that is a “womanizer or ladies man.”

    The personality would be far too limiting.[I would move toward what you said fishandchips; about being 100% confident in yourself.For example, being confident would give you the ability to strike up conversation… honest and open conversation … with anyone… easily and freely.  But, if for some reason, the person is not open and you are “rejected,” it has not affect on you and you simply wish them a good day rather than looking upon that person as flawed or look upon them with contempt.  It means you move easily and without disturbance, no matter what the outcome.
    You can use PSTEC Positive to craft statements that embody confidence under any circumstance… you see?

    But, again, “get into” that personality, what is that person like … how does a confident person move, talk, think and feel.  Express those characteristics by crafting your statements as you see fit and follow the instructions.Of course, my recommendation is not to move in that direction of a womanizer because of its limitations, but the choice is yours.