Reply To: Allergies

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Start out with something that is not particularly difficult for you… in other words, start small to get a feel for your mind and the PSTEC Tools.

    Approach that one aspect first… don't try and be general in the hopes of being “done” quickly.  Many people want a magic wand to just cover EVERYTHING all at once, but, if you notice the tone of that desire … it's about fear, anger and frustration and you will move more easily when you come from a place other than those negative feelings.

    When it comes to our body and how we react and how we heal, beliefs play a large part of it.  Can emotions have an effect?  Absolutely, and ALWAYS address the emotions when they arise.  If it's not J.E.E.P. (joy, enthusiasm, excitement, peace); Click Track it!

    So, approach beliefs about your body… about reactions to that particular substance … about your ability to heal.

    Let's take, “water boiled in a metal kettle” …

    Delve a bit and ask:
    Why does water boiled in a metal kettle bother me?
    Why do I fear water boiled in a metal kettle?
    How will I react to water boiled in a metal kettle?

    If you have an answer, such as “I get anxious when someone suggests boiling water in a metal kettle” … then imagine someone intending to serve you water boiled in a metal kettle and rate the feeling. This would be an example of an emotional issue to Click Track and in this instance, it's an imagined event.

    Throughout your PSTEC work, memories or other images, thoughts, etc. may come up… jot them down.  If they are emotional reactions, use the CT's on those emotional memories and imagined events.
    If beliefs come up do the following…

    Also, beliefs will arise, let's say, such as:
    “I am allergic to water boiled in a metal kettle”
    “Water boiled in a metal kettle contains ___________ and is harmful to me”

    So, when beliefs come up, similar to this … beliefs are statements of fact about something… a definition, if you will … you craft a statement in opposite, in effect, and then use PSTEC Positive.

    For example, on “I am allergic to water boiled in a metal kettle”… you might try something like this:

    Water boiled in a metal kettle is safe because it's sanitary”
    “When water is boiled in a metal kettle I feel it's safe to use for my cooking”

    You see?

    In general, I can also use PSTEC Positives to begin instilling beliefs about your ability to ward off infections, disease, illness, pain and to heal quickly.  Those are all driven or, at least, affected by your beliefs… your perception of yourself and your body.

    Play with that… there are various reactions you may have within your mind and if it's too overwhelming consider working with a practitioner to help you through this and give you a boost or get a good start on this issue.