Reply To: Childhood Trauma

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi wroe… thanks for writing…

    PSTEC ok for dealing with childhood sexual abuse?
    Oh, absolutely!  The worst aspect or result of these types of experiences is the affect it has on the subconscious.  Once those experiences, understandably, are “labeled” by the subconscious as being important and self-defining; then, quite often, the victims continue the pattern of being victims in other situations.  Most therapies help to “cope” with the experiences, but the subconscious impressions remain solid and affect their lives.

    CT those memories as well as looking to PSTEC Positive to shift beliefs associated and resulting from that part of your past life.

    I see that their is a book for “adult/sexual issues” – is that something that would help with someone with my history?
    I believe so because it not only addresses and suggests ways to use the PSTEC Tools for sexual problems, but also general aspects to consider in moving toward more personal freedom from the limited emotional experiences as well as the limiting behaviors and beliefs that become a part of our mind model and a part of how we perceive our Life Experience… how we perceive the world.

    Dive right in and begin CT'ing those memories… it's a great way to start!