Reply To: Time Management

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha leslie… I think if you set aside, like you said, 2-3x a week to do some more expanded sessions, that is excellent because if you take 60-90 mins 2-3x a week, you should cover quite a bit of ground.

    Non-Specific Repatterning
    Another suggestion, depending where you are, is that if you have a list of issues, memories and imagined events; and you are approaching a shift in a more “Non-specific” re-patterning manner; then if you do one memory/imagined event a day, again, you can make great progress just doing one per day which can take anywhere from 15 minutes at a time or a little more depending how many times you have to run the CT/EEF on the emotion.

    Or, if you set aside 60-90 mins. 2-3x a week, you could possibly cover 2 or more in each session of CT'ing on the emotional side.

    I Only Have a Few Minutes!
    Another suggestion … if you are doing more expanded sessions 2-3x per week… on the “off days” just take 5-10 minutes and do one or two PSTEC Positive tracks based upon whatever you are working on for suggested beliefs.4

    If you practice with the non-tapping PSTEC Positive track, you can work with 1 or even 2 sentences in about 10 minutes!  This is something you could do twice a day and take just 10 minutes.  We can all do that, yah?!

    This could be a regular practice… begin your day with PSTEC Positive (assuming you are fairly clear in terms of emotions on that issue) and end it as well running the PP sentence or sentences you wish to focus on.