Reply To: Help With Identifying Belief

Kathryn Lloyd

    Hi Mark,

    You know – you touch on an interesting point of how different people can interpret the same word different ways!

    Hopefully you'll get some more feedback to aid you in deciding on the wording.

    Kath  :)

    PS – and this has nothing to do with PSTEC, and is just my own opinion, and observation.  I have heard guys say exactly what you're saying (my 29 year old son had the same experience until this year).  I said to him that it seems to me that girls who are attracted to loud, rude guys are not the most emotionally healthy people!  I said that eventually he would find a girl who would appreciate a nice, sincere and respectful guy, and when it finally happened it would be worth the wait.  And that's exactly what happened.  At 29 he is now engaged to a young woman who had to wait just as long as him to actually find the type of guy that he is.  I wish you all the best.