Reply To: Help With Identifying Belief


    Troy and rirvinmoore, thanks for the comments. Since you both say you overcame your SAD/shyness/issues, how did you go about doing that?

    Lisa, I realized a long time ago that with all that law of attraction stuff, at least for men, you need confidence to make it happen. I could sit here visualizing in detail the perfect partner all day, but I guarantee that she will not come into my life unless I make it happen – by either risking rejection over and over or putting myself in a lifestyle where she might be – and then risking rejection again there….So it's more about confidence in my opinion. How did you meet your partner?

    I don't mean to get into semantics and we've gotten off topic here. The issue is whether PSTEC works or not. For me it seems to not work so I will find other solutions in that case.