Reply To: Help With Identifying Belief


    Hi Mark,

    There are two major things that helped me out. The one that sort of “fixed” my ADD/autism spectrum-related issues was going to a coach who dealt with limiting beliefs. The last time I checked, unfortunately, he was no longer doing coaching work, but his method was effective.
    I am confident that effective use of PSTEC Negative will ultimately have the same results. In my experience, you remove the belief (some would say energy) first, and then your reality and behaviors and experience will improve. Just this past week I filled up six garbage bags with junk I no longer need–a sudden housecleaning binge is often a sign that your reality is improving.

    Second, I learned the vast majority of my social skills from the new generation of pickup artists. I'm sure that sentence made a lot of people cringe, but here's the deal. There's a book called “Magic Bullets” by Love Systems that explains, in depth, how to achieve relationships with women. And it is not sleazy, creepy or “tricky.” It merely explains how relationships occur naturally, and then shows you how to make it happen for yourself.

    The book is technically about meeting women, but coming from the autism spectrum and being unable to recognize social cues and norms, it was immensely helpful in teaching me to interact with people in general.

    That is kind of an overview. I've got some more beliefs to rip up, but feel free to ask if you would like more clarification on something.

    One more thing: I've been on the self-help track for about 6 years, and I've been working on limiting beliefs for 2-3 of those years. I have gotten impatient with apparent lack of progress many times. Don't be surprised if your problems don't all disappear right away. They might, but then again they might not. Look for the core beliefs, which (as said in the PN FAQ video) are often short, generalized phrases like “I hate myself.” By the way, if you haven't already, you probably need to use PSTEC Negative with the phrase “It is my belief that I hate myself.” That's the one that triggered the latest cleaning binge for me.