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Paul McCabe
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    I appreciate this is an old topic, but it raises some interesting points.

    Mark, did you ever make any progress on this?

    It seems to me that there isn't so much one CORE belief and conditionings affecting your behavior, but a series of beliefs and emotions/conditionings.

    In simple terms, I think click tracking on ALL the scenarios that caused your distress would be the best place to start. Click track on everything that bothers you and keep doing this until, well, it bothers you no more.

    Emotions and beliefs affect behavior and therefore it seems prudent to tackle emotions and beliefs head on. If you eliminate a belief, it can dramatically impact your emotion and future behaviors. But similarly, if you work on the “negative” emotions, there can be times when doing this can actually impact a belief. It makes sense, therefore, to be as thorough as possible.

    I personally feel that most of our avoidant behaviors come down to emotional factors. “Rejection” never causes fear; it's the meaning we give to “rejection” that causes fear. If you approached a stranger knowing that they may not respond favorably to you but were comfortable with that…you'd undoubtedly do that more often.

    In terms of beliefs, see how these ones resonate with you…

    1) It's dangerous to speak to strangers

    2) If I speak to a stranger, I'll be rejected

    3) What makes me good enough is having other people think well of me

    4) Not being in control is scary

    5) I'm not confident

    6) If people don't see me as confident, I'll be rejected

    7) People don't like being approached

    8) I'm not good enough

    9) I'll never get what I want

    10) People aren't interested in what I have to say

    LOTS to work on here.

    If you work through each of those, following the suggested usage of click tracking all the uncomfortable emotions first, running each of the beliefs above through PSTEC Negative (e.g . spend time with the counterexamples in PN) and then feeding your subconscious suggestions that run counter to these via PSTEC Positive (start with “allowing” new beliefs to outright countering the negatives)…I really do feel it would make a truly profound difference in how you experience yourself and life.

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