Reply To: Help With Identifying Belief

Sally Baker

    Hi Mark, staying on topic you could recall a memory, event or conclusion you made when you felt you were assessed as being rude and focus on how that felt. It may not have been your intention but the message you told yourself was that they thought you were rude, agressive or words to that effect. Can you remember anything like that happening ? If you did then really focus on those feelings of being misunderstood, how that felt to you. Score it zero to ten and then run the click track while again staying focussed on the feelings.

    If the feeling of being anxious that your intentions will be misunderstood feels familiar then write down a note of each one and score them too from zero to ten. Begin work on the highest score memory or event. Or use PSTEC 2015 to zap a whole heap of memories that engender the same emotion.

    If your real task is actually over coming stage fright you can tackle that by breaking it down into elements. I.e. Waiting to go on stage for instance of walking into the spot light and really focus on how you feel at each part of the process and then use the click track on those either real or imagined feelings.

    Good luck with tackling your issues. Sally