Reply To: PP Wording

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Great work both Nick and Troy… the answers are always there if we take some “quiet time” and search our mind.  You know what you want consciously, so jot that down, and then notice what comes up from the subconscious that is contrary and address the emotions, beliefs and behaviors with the appropriate PSTEC Tool.  Simple really!

    Also, Nick, good one… “I'm totally at ease in the presence of others”
    … you could also use the “If then” syntax…

    “When I am in the presence of others I am totally at ease”

    Or, when you find the type of people that intimidate you most… let's say; wealthy people or beautiful people… do it like this…

    “When I am with wealthy people I am totally at ease”
    When I am with a beautiful _____  I am totally at ease”

    Keep up the good work… er … play! ;D

    Aloha nui!