Reply To: Pstec Negative Counter Examples

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Alex… I appreciate your realization that working with the counter examples prior to running the PSTEC Negative track on the negative belief is VERY IMPORTANT!!!  Good job!!!  It sure is helpful that you understand PSTEC theory which you can transfer to your understanding of music theory … I'm just saying!!  ;)

    I see two beliefs here and suspect that they are not core beliefs…

    * I can't learn music theory
    * learning music theory i find difficult

    Note: Also, be sure when you run PSTEC Negative, that you word them correctly because if these were your target, you should add the preface to these that Tim suggests.

    So, first ask this question on those two beliefs and let the answer come to you…

    I can't learn music theory because ______________


    Learning music theory is difficult because _____________

    What comes up?

    You see, there's a reason why your mind model find learning music theory difficult, see what comes up for that.

    Do the counter examples have to specifically target learning music theory?
    This may be a moot point if those were not your core beliefs, but the counter examples could be related, but not “necessarily” include direct references to music theory, in this example.  If you look at Tim's example in the PN User Guide, you will notice the counter examples to “being happy” are not necessarily referencing being happy but are related to being happy.  Make sense?  Look at that example again in the Guide.

    Also, do you have to believe the counter examples?
    These counter examples are your conscious ideas, so, at some level, you would believe those.  You might not have an “absolute” belief, but enough belief to help support the idea that the negative belief may not be true.

    You will find in your beliefs that are a part of your mind that not all beliefs hold an absolute belief by you consciously or subconsciously and that's what makes this approach so effective.  You can always find a chink in the mind model armor to edge in a new suggestion.  Of course, the more absolute the belief, the more assessment it may take to find the chink, but, believe me, it's there!!!
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