Reply To: Pstec Negative Counter Examples

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Don't repeat those sentences during the Click Tracks … avoid doing that at all times.

    How you can work with those thoughts that seem like they are internally auditory is to use your imagination in a couple ways…

    Imagine that thought… “You/I can't” … where did you learn that?  Who would most likely say that to you… do you remember someone saying it to you?
    Take that person into your CT and imagine them saying it to you … TRY HARD to feel the unpleasant emotion and run the CT.

    Another way is to imagine what “part of you” would say that… what would that “you” look like?  Now, imagine that “person” saying it to you and TRY HARD to feel the unpleasant feeling and CT it!

    One more…

    As I mentioned above, when do you first remember being told that “You can't?”
    Any memories?
    If so, take that memory, imagine the person saying it, TRY HARD to feel the unpleasant emotion and CT it!

    Oh, one more comment…

    The thought “I can't … “; in reality that is not an emotion, but a belief and so using PSTEC Negative to erase it and PSTEC Positive to counter it would be the best route.