Reply To: Help Required to Get Started!

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    1) Am I doing this correctly ? Removing the emotional charges from the above statements by click tracking them away.

    Keep these guidelines in mind…

    There are 3 aspects of the mind model we can shift…

    Emotions … we use the Basic Click Tracks (CT) and EEF's.
    When you use these, DO NOT CT on sentences.

    It sounds like you are using a phrase when doing the CT/EEF… again, RED ALERTdo not use setup phrases or repeat sentences during the CT/EEF.

    There are only 3 things to do during the CT/EEF …
    1. the tapping to the clicks and tones,
    2. focusing on a memory/imagined event, and
    3. TRY HARD to feel the feeling
    … that's it!

    2) Should I use PSTEC NEGATIVE on the statements that I have written above?

    Beliefs and Behaviors … you use PSTEC Positive to suggest new beliefs and PSTEC Negative to erase negative or unwanted beliefs.

    You have listed too many beliefs there to cover each one individually, but most of them are beliefs and/or behaviors, but, also, there are some that are most likely not core beliefs so follow the PSTEC Negative User Guides about core beliefs.

    3) If I have to do the PSTEC NEGATIVE on the statements written above then Should I use PSTEC POSITIVE on the all the statements that I have written above as well?

    Also, become excellent at using PSTEC Positive as well to increase your effectiveness at changing belief and behaviors.

    It's up to you, but the more positive suggestions you do with your subconscious, the more success, peace and joy you will experience… well, depending upon what suggestions you are making, of course.

    4) I did a PSTEC NEGATIVE on one thing that had been bothering me for about 5 years and it cleared completely? Is that normal? Is it possible for such a huge issue to be cleared with one PSTEC NEGATIVE zapping?

    Sure… just depends upon your willingness to let go of the negative belief and also the various aspects contributing to the belief.

    5) In one of the interviews I heard that doing PSTEC positive a number of times on a statement is a good as repetition is good for the mind. How many times do I need to repeat a PSTEC positive statement? Any arbitrary/random number is good or when my can associate with the statement that I want to incorporate into my mind?

    When you do a PSTEC Positive suggestion, how many times is needed varies.  You will know when enough is enough and when you will move on to make the sentence “stronger” and more absolute or move on to other desired aspects.

    Malama Pono!