Reply To: Porn Induced ED


    Did you ct all the emotions?

    Feeling embarrassed sad guilty ashamed of it happening?

    What about the feelings you get when you look at her and it happens?

    And the after effects of her leaving you or making fun of you and telling all her friends about it?

    Ct the worst case scenario, every single aspect of it. Even the frustration of it not getting up and anger toward yourself etc.

    Every single scenario you can think of which is affected by this issue or how this issue maybe affects everything outside of the bedroom should be click tracked.

    Ruling out any physical issues you should look at beliefs that might cause it.

    Fear of failure
    Fear of rejection
    “I'm not good enough”

    These are all huge beliefs that are difficult to clear but do your best and pick away at the small ones

    Try positives like

    “I will be calm and relaxed when intimate with a woman”
    “My penis is perfect in every way”
    “I love receiving pleasure from women”
    “Women easily excite me”
    “I release unrealistic expectations of sex”
    “I can trust that my penis is in working order”

    It could be happening because subconsciously you have hidden beliefs about your expectations. Your mind created them from porn. It might not be that you exactly numbed your penis but that you have high expectations of yourself or your partner or you subconsciously compare yourself to other pornstars. Maybe you have a deep fear of rejection which puts pressure on you to perform because if you don't she will leave you.

    Look at all those things. Keep digging and see what happens.

    I had ridiculously unrealistic expectations of myself and sex. What I did was craft statements to lower them and I feel more confident that all will be ok next time I have sex. And if not, I'll try again and won't judge myself.

    Try these as well they should help

    I can release myself from unrealistic expectations of sex

    Porn is an unrealistic representation of sex

    Today I set healthy realistic expectations of sex

    Today My sex life can get better and better

    If you truly feel that it might not be about that then try..

    “Nothing turns me on more than real women”
    “Women seem to arouse me easily”
    “My erections come easily when Im with women”

    Do any affirmatioms that get you to be more turned on.