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    Sorry to hijack your thread

    But to Peter,

    Can magic sentences for procrastination alone make emotional and belief shifts for fears of failure and success?

    I feel myself always making excuses not to take risks

    A fear of what ifs is what keeps my anxiety going. I have done positives on taking risks and receiving rejection as ways to fire me up for success. I'm doing all the work with PSTEC but always hesitate to put it all in play. It's like the confidence is there I'm ready to start having sex again and meeting women, and believe me I've been putting in the effort to get back on the saddle and meeting women, but there's always that hidden anxiety of the what ifs, the self doubt. My obsession my past demon was the fear of premature ejaculation. It caused me to avoid sex and every time I attempted to have sex again I would have full blown anxiety attacks and based my life on the issue. The word comes into my head every now and then but my mind pays no attention to it. It's like I'm ready to start having sex again, I'm actually so excited but not knowing how it will all go adds the fuel. It's almost as if I need to have sex to prove myself that my old fears were irrational. And if I don't do this the unknown mystery keeps me in suspense. I believe the belief that fuels it is the fear of failure but it's ridiculously hard to eliminate such a strong belief for being a perfectionist my whole life which I am battling every day as well. Could it be that my mind dosnt want success? A doubt that there's a possibility if things don't go as planned I will end up miserable again instead of just shaking it off?

    Ocd is the doubt drug. I'm working on doing self trust affirmatioms as well.

    Just wondering if procrastination sentences can help for this issue. I have full blown anxiety all day but I know a lot of it has to do with stress that's being created from the quick changes PSTEC is doing. And now since I'm not obsessing about sex or that issue my mind is going crazy spitting out random gibberish words that make no sense because it had nothing to obsess about anymore. Compulsions are gone and now my mind needs to constantly be doing weird things to cope. I don't know if anxiety is fueling this or the random gibberish going on in my head is fueling the anxiety. Sometimes I feel I'm going crazy but at the same time I must overlook it because Deep down I finally feel a sense of hapiness or hope that I'm moving forward in life.