Reply To: Porn Induced ED

Steve Blampied


    You say:

    “To reboot a porn addicts brain it can take three months to six months. “

    To put it plainly, that is someone else's belief. People change instantly, all the time, and everyone is different.

    As Peter said your whole “because you have porn induced ED” is a belief in itself.

    And if you feel tempted to come back to me and say “but doctors say… dopmamine… etc” I can tell you now my reply will be those are all BELIEFS. ;)

    Here's a suggestion. Why not use PSTEC Negative to erase those beliefs and/or use PSTEC Positive to create a belief that it only takes three to six seconds to “reboot” in your case?

    Once those are out of the way, take a look at the cause of the Porn addiction in the first place. I suspect that's where the truth lies.