Reply To: Work anxiety causes shakes.

Peter Bunyan

    Hi GoingForit

    First thoughts!
    The quick answer is that using PSTEC Positive while you still have you have negative emotions is not so effective as clearing the negative stuff first. Not because it is against instructions but in a nutshell “emotions trump thoughts or beliefs” feelings outweigh words. However you could use Positives first to re-enforce the belief that the Clicks Tracks will work for you better and better. Since you have had partial success already, you know that they can.

    Some questions!
    Have you only used the Basic CTs or the eefs as well?

    Do you know what sorts of situations trigger the shakes? Or is the anxiety non-specific. You were in a stressful situation when the shakes started “Huge life changes” and a “threatening work colleague”. Your ability to handle stress depends on your support network around you, your family and friends and how you well you communicate with them.

    Some initial suggestions.
    Click Track that precise fear that you might get the anxiety/shakes at work while watched. This sort of situation causes a negative spiral and makes things worse.
    Click Track any fears around that threatening colleague and any similar people or incidents when you were younger at school or as a child.
    Click Track any negative feelings concerning those “life changes”.

    There is much, much more, but this seems like enough for the time being and one forum post.
    Thanks for sharing so much. Your story will give others hope.
    Please get back to us if this does not answer your questions and please keep us updated on your progress.