Reply To: Work anxiety causes shakes.


    Hello Peter Bunyan,
    I will start this reply to your response by saying I had to change my registration because I could not remember or obtain my password. So, GoingForIt has changed to GoingForItMore.
    Thanks for your response and advice, very appreciated. So far, I have not used EEF's but from your advice it seems I should do so.
    Interestingly, as you suggested, I had already decided to click on the precise fear of anxiety rearing up while being watched. I am very sure it has made a difference. And, while doing so, a childhood situation came into my head (walking into a new school class in a different country and being 'introduced and watched'), so I clicked on that too.
    Possibly the thing that I find most difficult is trying to figure out whether or not thoughts always precipitate the anxiety or whether anxiety emotions and heart palpitations just 'kick in' before the thoughts for reasons I cannot obtain. If that is correct, how do I click on the emotions without specific thoughts?? In other words, as asked, sometimes it seems the anxiety is non specific so if you can give me any further advice it would be appreciated.
    One more observation: on the internet there are thousands of people talking about and asking questions about having anxiety but very rarely do people state they have got rid of it. Do you think that is because plenty of people fix it and forget it and don't then post positive?!
    Thanks again for your response so far.