Reply To: Work anxiety causes shakes.

Peter Bunyan

    Hi GoingForitMore
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    Re the thing you find most difficult. Let me tell you a fictional story…
    As a young child you fall down a set of red stairs, it hurt, your mother was not around to comfort you. Your language skills are not yet sufficiently developed to explain it, but you remember it. The next time you try those stairs you feel anxious and stumble. You really do not like those stairs. Next time you can manage those stairs but you really hate them. Fast forward many years, you have grown up. You have an irrational fear of heights, avoid stairs and always use lifts, you know you have always hated stairs. Furthermore you get anxious for no reason that you can see at all, at all sorts of times. Actually without you making the connection being near anything the colour red sets off the anxious feelings. Someone who knows that you have this fear of stairs talks to you about it, but not actually near any at the time, but just talking about it makes you anxious. You feel fearful even thinking that you might have to go up some, or approaching a set. You now have a spiral of beliefs and feelings which at some point is a phobia.
    This might seem a stupid story but these sorts of things happen.
    All animals including homo sapiens grow and learn from environmental clues and pressures. We react to learnt feelings and impressions many years later in the form of habits and beliefs. Other animals do also just they do not have the language for complex beliefs. Your subconscious mind processes information far quicker than your conscious mind which has to formulate language from feelings via your imagination. So you actually are triggered to feel before the words to explain those feelings appear. Once however the words are embedded with the feelings it can work the other way. However because the words come later they may be associated with other overlaid feelings besides the initial set, making the associations to the initial set evermore complex. This is why in therapy it is best if possible to work with the earliest set of memories you can recall, the feelings are simpler, more direct. Also why generally we suggest Click Tracks before Positives or Negatives.
    However as it may difficult or not even possible for you to recall things I further suggest using the PSTEC Accelerators. These can also help stimulate recall and help you make connections you did not even know existed.
    Furthermore your subconscious treats scenarios in your imagination as  real. You can use this to help yourself. If you know the sorts of situations that cause your anxiety but cannot recall any reason for it. try to imagine a fictional situation that you would expect to give you problems, feel the feelings and Click Track that. In the fictional story above I would try to get you to imagine that you are about to climb the biggest, highest set of stairs you can imagine and then run the Track. It might also bring to mind that these stairs are red, if so, good!
    Hopefully this helps clarify rather than muddy the waters for you.