Reply To: Work anxiety causes shakes.

Peter Bunyan

    Hi GoingForitMore and everyone

    “Just use PSTEC Negative”

    PSTEC Negative is best used as part of a three part system. First Click Tracks, then Negative, then Positive, rather than a stand-alone package.

    My suggestion is to start with the desired outcome stated as an absolute positive. Start taking notes. Words that mean things to you. Example “I do not get the shakes anymore”. Then work backwards what is your negative belief that contradicts that “I will shake”. From that what underlying fears are brought up by that negative. Write all of your ideas and thoughts down.

    Now using your fears imagine a worst case future scenario that would definitely create the shakes. Possibly including things like “loss of control” being “found out” someone else “watching” you. This does not have to be real or logical just a mishmash of horrible things to you, think more dreamlike or more accurately nightmare like.

    Next write out your negative and separately your counter examples. Then your absolute positive, which may have changed a little by now and a softer version, example “Soon my shakes will go away”.

    Now go through run the Click Tracks, then the Negative finishing by tearing up your sheet of paper, then if you feel OK with your absolute run the Positive with that, if not the softer version first.

    If you have it then finish with a Relaxational Accelerator.

    An hour or more is required. This should get some positive movement in your problem.

    Hope this very brief run through helps