Reply To: Confused on the wording for the belief

Peter Bunyan

    Hi fishandchips

    You could use a statement like ” I will be confident and self assured when I meet X” substitute the  real name for “X”. In order for the suggestion to take hold you would need to be able to imagine that thing actually happening at the start of the Positive session and throughout. However that would be contrary to your recent real experience and likely therefore to lead your subconscious to reject that statement. Sort of, your subconscious calling yourself a liar. No matter how much you hope, wish or desperately want this new thing to happen it is unlikely to become reality until you can believe it. Hence removing as much previous negative emotions from your past first with the Click Tracks. This will then allow the new suggestion to “take hold””sink in””gain traction”.

    The rating of feelings 1 to 10 before and after the Click Tracks is an important thing. This lets you “know” that there has been some improvement. Once you have got the numbers down to a low figure preferably less than 2 you will begin to find things changing for you. If you can remember a specific incident where this all started then that would be the thing to Click Track. If you cannot then perhaps my suggestion of “bigging up” an imaginary future incident. These things are likely to get a bigger downward movement on the numbers scale. All the time doing your best to hang on that negative feeling or remembering an incident, at the same time as keeping up the tapping in time with the clicks. Yes this is much harder in practice than it sounds but the trying is what counts.

    If you really want to get started on the positives then a statement like ” I can be confident when I next  meet x like when I meet Y” Where Y is someone who you feel relaxed and easy with. This might be easier for your subconscious to accept.

    You can also run a Positive before the Click Tracks to suggest the “The Click tracks will help me quickly and easily”.

    The words of a positive statement alone are not what do the work. Since it is not your conscious mind that is the problem but your subconscious. Using your imagination is the “Rosetta Stone” which translates words into feelings which are the language of your subconscious, an area where logic and “common sense” do not work. The words of the statement connected to a scenario you can believe if at a stretch, repeated with the power of PSTEC are what works.
    Hope this lot makes things clearer for you,