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Peter Bunyan


    My quick answer would be to use the short Relaxational Accelerator in between eefs and at the end of a session, as you have  already in a previous post said that you feel “beat up” after sessions.
    However… PSTEC seems to work quicker on the more focused narrow single issues, but in the more nebulous chronic problems like yours then it can take longer and this is where the Accelerators can help.

    You indicated on an earlier post that your anxiety causes insomnia and I know lack of sleep does not help anything, also that this started after a relationship break up. Anxiety and Insomnia are not natural conditions they are caused by something or series of incidents. In addition to the break up are there other incidents or things that have happened to you that you would rather have not happened, these could be quite minor on their own? If these things were prior to the breakup might they have in some way contributed to it?

    Rather than continue “Clicking” on an issue with little result it is better to change targets, these could be quite trivial. In order to clear a big issue it helps to be absolutely confident that it will clear. So clear something small first to help gain that confidence.

    Hope this helps you