Reply To: How many times a day

Peter Bunyan


    There is no limit, but I suggest 2/3 plays in a row would be plenty for one day. Depends on how tired you feel afterwards, how much you have lowered your 0-10 score. There is no point in continuing on without getting some positive results. Some people can “bash away” at it for hours and others can feel “wiped out” after one play. The results may not be immediately noticeable, it might take a few days for you to observe the difference. So again no point in working at it day after day, give your self a break from it every few days.

    Get used to using the Basic Click Tracks first before going on to other PSTEC packages. Once you have gained some confidence in PSTEC then consider purchasing PSTEC Level 1 which contains the eefs and Positive, also PSTEC Negative and Accelerators would be useful additions to your stable. These links should take you to pages with more information and have a button to go on to purchase if you wish.