Reply To: Just joined group – Have just started with PSTEC

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Dorfmeister

    Seems you have been playing around with The tracks and seeing how they work, excellent!

    Your use of the Positive with your statement is unlikely to be effective at this stage, while you are still experiencing the opposite on a daily basis. To start with create a statement that “PSTEC will help reduce my anxiety” or similar.

    Start with the Free Click Tracks and once you get the “feel for it” use the eefs from Level 1. There is no set formula or routine that works for everyone but there are some approaches that you can try and see what works best for you.

    1) Pick some recent incidents that have brought about your anxiety recall them and Click Track the memory of those with the feelings of anxiety.
    2) If you can recall some of the worst incidents that you can remember and Click Track those.
    3) Imagine a “worst case” scenario in a near future time which would bring about your anxiety and Click Track that imagined future incident.

    I'm guessing but I suspect your SA, OCD and procrastination have one common cause. This being an incident or series of incidents related by feelings if not similar in nature, this or these happening when you were young. If you can then Click Tracking these early incidents will likely reduce all your issues.

    Hopefully all this makes sense to you.
    Please keep us posted on your progress.
    Any more questions, you know where we are.

    Also since SA is related to low self-esteem I suggest that you download the FREE Wealth of Abundance hypnotic track. This track is about gratitude which is a component of self-esteem.