Reply To: Social Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety, and OCD

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Dorfmeister

    Without asking you a lot more questions it seems to me that in your case you really will have to get down to the root cause of your anxieties. Your anxiety and other issues are most likely all symptoms stemming from the same event or series of events, on clearing an OCD behaviour your subconscious will then possibly find a new behaviour to be compulsive about. Until the background fears are removed you are likely to keep on going to therapists for one thing or another. Not so much rock and small hammer as a tree, you can take it down one small branch at a time or you can cut through the trunk near the ground.

    The whole rationale for PSTEC is the minimum of intervention by “therapists” for the minimum amount of time. Issues cleared and get on with creating your new life!

    PSTEC uses established psychological principles sometimes simultaneously, in a new way. The tapping has nothing to do with meridians, there is no “spiritual” element, so yes it is backed up by science in that respect. The real advantage of EFT over PSTEC is that it does not require any hardware, you can do it anywhere. Otherwise my personal experience of EFT is that I found I needed PSTEC to “finish off” the problem. If your hypnosis CDs are of a generic nature then they will not be as effective as ones recorded specifically for you and your issues. Having said that no one therapy is right for everybody, many of the registered PSTEC therapists are qualified in hypnosis and or EFT as well. Me, I specialise in PSTEC, it works for me.