Reply To: Social Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety, and OCD

Peter Bunyan


    How do you feel while trying to access those early inaccessible memories? Apologies for asking a lot of questions, must be I'm some kind of therapist :) .

    Using Negatives or Positives on their own at this stage are unlikely to have much effect. They can be combined in sequence, eef, negative, positive one after the other or used more indirectly against the stigma of being labelled as some sort of neurotic and or the fear of always having these problems that don't seem ever go away.

    You need to know and feel that there is hope, as PSTEC will help you. The more you believe that, the better it will work. You need some element of belief in any Positive statement you create, to allow the possibility of it working. So using PSTEC for lesser issues as you are currently, is good.

    You could try a clear cut Negative statement along the lines of ” I get anxious when other people are around me” but you would still have to Click Track or eef the feelings around that statement before running the Negative track.