Reply To: "Embracing Change" question

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    A little background on Embracing Change…

    In my personal work and also when guiding others to experience more and more freedom within their mind as well as in their life experiences, there was the “R” word … that nasty 10 letter word that comes up when we try and do something new and when we are unsuccessful we also use four letter words  />:(” title=”>:(” class=”bbcode_smiley” />  … resistance.</p><p>Here's a secret to change …</p><p>If we could just erase or easily disregard ALL our current beliefs, values, thoughts, definitions emotional attachments and aversions; then we can shift our mind model… shift our perception… done deal!!</p><p>Ah, but we resist … we resist changing our perception… we resist changing our mind model.</p><p>So, I pestered Tim for a while and because he's so busy, it took QUITE a while.  Not weeks or months either.  I wanted a track that encouraged beliefs about the ease of change… about embracing change.</p><p>Why?</p><p>Because… again, in my observation and experience …</p><p>Those who are successful, easily change.<br />Those who are at peace, embrace change!</p><p>Tim was also kind enough to offer Embracing Change free to the public the beginning of this year… <a href=

    These tracks, if used liberally, help to “grease the skids” to embracing change … to Loving the experiment and the experience of Life!!

    To strengthen the perception of embracing change, you can also address the following:

    1. Emotions … imagine change your mind model … your perception … it could be in a general way or a specific way about something.  Maybe your perception about intimate relationships being Truly Loving and Freeing … or … maybe about owning your own business … or … perhaps that your chronic ailment can be overcome.  Imagine it, whatever it is, how does that feel?  If it's not J.E.E.P., CT it!

    Listen to Tim's tracks and if there are particularly problematic sentences in Embracing Change, ask yourself why.

    2. Beliefs … craft new PSTEC Positive Sentences that are more specific for you about embracing change.  Listen to Tim's tracks and if there are statements that are in there that give you grief, see if you can craft PP Sentences to help shift it more specifically.

    You see?

    The world will be constantly changing … learn to embrace the change.

    We are evolving, both individually and collectively … learn to embrace and LOVE those changes!

    To answer your question, no, the tracks are not the same.  There are some phrases that are repeated in each, but they are not all identical.  Look at the size and length of each and you will see they are not identical.

    Don't scrutinize the tracks … could that be resistance? … use them and scrutinize your mind model that has you stuck and/or experiencing limitation and pain.

    Malama Pono!