Reply To: Male Enhancement

Peter Bunyan

    Hi EvaUnit

    PSTEC tools are designed to be non-specific to issues, that is they work with what might be called the “mechanism of mind” rather than any particular problem. You the user bring up your specific unwanted feelings and the PSTEC Click Tracks remove them. Despite issues being generically labelled every single one of us has different problems unique to us, so generic solutions may not be as effective as they sound. Although there are some hypnotherapy tracks the main PSTEC “toolkit” does not use hypnosis, they are not “lay back and listen” they require your active involvement.

    Tim's e-Book “How to solve almost any sexual problem the easy way” more here is the probably the best way forward for you. Although I have not personally read this book yet, it almost certainly suggests solutions which require at least the FREE Basic Click Tracks, these can be used to reduce/eliminate any performance anxiety. Any imagined future event is “real” to your subconscious. The Click Tracks remove the fears and anxiety behind imagined future failures and any bad feelings remaining from previous bad experiences, if these are left in place then it is unlikely that you will be able to achieve any positive change. Negative and self limiting beliefs can be removed with PSTEC Negative, new positive beliefs can be installed with PSTEC Positive. Both of these require the use of at least the Free Basic Click tracks first. Best used in sequence Click Tracks > Negative > Positive.

    Hope this answers your questions. If not keep asking.