Reply To: bpd complex trauma

Peter Bunyan

    Hi pineapple22

    Yes I am sure PSTEC can help you. However it would be best to consult with your Doctor first, especially if you are on medication. How to go about it depends on how badly and how quickly you are affected by those early experiences if you try to recall them. You might need to work with a PSTEC therapist (find one here) or at least have someone you trust with you until you are confident about self-therapy.

    The starting point for PSTEC is downloading the FREE Basic Click tracks, listen to the instructions first with your helper if you have one. You need to understand what it is you have to do first. Then just listen to the first 5 minutes of one of the Click Tracks, again so you are clear about what is required of you before starting. PSTEC is not a lay back and listen thing, it requires your active involvement. PSTEC also requires you to recall, re-live a past experience/memory/emotion. If this leads you into a panic or debilitating anxiety then a more roundabout route is required. This is where working with a Therapist might be the best way forward.

    If you are confident about self-help then once you have used the FREE Basic Click Tracks for a while then the NEW PSTEC Click Track 2015 might also be beneficial.

    Please get back to us with any more questions. This answer is only a quick response I would need to ask you more questions before I can give any clearer advice.