Reply To: Could this be too effective initially to work when really needed?

Peter Bunyan

    Hi RHTW

    If you cannot recall any feelings from past events try imagining a fictional future event. Imagine all the worst things that can happen, a real worst case scenario. This is safe in that it is in a potential future but if you can imagine it then it is real enough for you to Click Track. So imagine yourself having to give a talk remember that heart racing feeling imagine your talk sounding nervous, then run a Click Track with that future mind. Try as hard as you can to imagine your nervous self talking in front of a critical important audience while tapping in time with the Clicks.
    As long as you are focussing on your problem while Clicking then they will do the job even if not as efficiently and may take more sessions.

    Please get back to us and let us know how you got on or if you have any more questions.