Reply To: Could this be too effective initially to work when really needed?

Peter Bunyan

    Hi RHTW

    Fear of Public Speaking is an issue I would expect to respond well to PSTEC as it is easy to identify and recall. However in your case it seems to be more of a problem.

    A number of points occur to me. Although I accept that PSTEC will not work for 100% of everybody, in cases where it does not, it is usually because PSTEC is not being used correctly for some reason or other. If that reason or problem can be found then we are halfway to getting PSTEC to work for you. The luck involved is in me being able to help you effectively not in you being one of the very rare unfortunates who PSTEC does not seem to work for.

    If I throw out a few ideas then perhaps you will find something helpful.

    An adrenaline rush is in itself not a bad thing, it can be the driver to enable you to be a really good speaker. Ideally you want it to be generated by the excitement and wanting to talk to others rather than it making you feel like you want to hide under a rock. What is it?

    Can you identify what elements of giving a talk worry you the most? Fear of “drying up”,”stuttering”,”looking stupid” or perhaps it is just the other people, all those eyes “looking” at you. Any ideas?

    I find listening to the Click Tracks most effective when using “over the ear” headphones, it seems like Tim is talking more directly to me and not to the the room. Having said that once the you start tapping you just focus on trying to tap in synch while doing your utmost recall the negative feelings and keep on recalling them, it is hard I know but keep on trying. Forget Tim's voice, just your feelings and tapping.

    You do not have a strong response to recalling past occasions. Do you have any sense of shying away from recalling those previous events, of not wanting to? A sort of fear of the fear. This sort of negative feedback loop happens to “blushers” who “know” that they are going to blush in advance of it actually happening.

    Do you have any other social anxieties?

    In school were you happiest at the back of the classroom letting others ask the “stupid” questions?

    Enough for now,