Reply To: Could this be too effective initially to work when really needed?

Dr Steve Price

    Hi RHTW

    The beauty of PSTEC is that it is essentially client driven and uses the client's own energy and interest to engage with their therapeutic goals. If there is a downside, it can sometimes be difficult for people to discover the true source of original anxiety or pain especially if they have been in a situation where 'denial' or protection of the source was required of them.

    My guess is that you may be having problems in finding your 'authentic' adult voice (the one that's about to give all those fantastic, insightful, beautiful, inspirational and moving presentations in the very near future)

    There's an interesting video here that you might find helpful in tracking down the source of the self critical (false) voice and I'm sure that once you've found the earlier experience that's been cramping your style you'll discover that PSTEC will help enormously (and very quickly)