Reply To: Could this be too effective initially to work when really needed?

Peter Bunyan


    Please let us know how you got on. Please also do not worry if the process turns out to be more of a marathon than a sprint, you have the time because the results are worth it. Speaking as a runner both events have their attractions, this works for the metaphor as well. Regard this process as an intriguing fun puzzle rather than going to see a doctor and taking the tablets. Not something you have to do because it is good for you but an engaging pastime with pleasurable outcomes. You are not here because you are sick or there is something wrong with you but seeking advice, like going to a golf professional to help improve your swing or putting.

    Thanks for the interesting link.
    If you have not done so I recommend this PSTEC Advanced Pt 2 Audio package from Tim and Master PSTEC Therapist Peter Owen. You will find it fascinating!