Reply To: PSTEC does not work. Why?

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Zoomy

    Firstly you have shown considerable commitment to change with PSTEC sadly unsuccessfully so far. Please stick with us for a while longer and see if we can get you going in the right direction.

    Please accept my apologies if you have tried things I might suggest or if I sound condescending in any way but as yet I know nothing about you or your issues. Also I have to bear in mind other people read this and I try to make it educational for all.

    Success is relative to your original expectations, so what were you hoping for?

    Dismal results… I have to assume you have been using the 0 to 10 scale of emotional intensity before and after each play through. So what scores have you been getting?

    Most people find some change every time even if only by a small half a point or so. Since the changes are permanent then this progress builds slowly, but the progress is not always a straight line graph, more sort of wobbly. As the scale is subjective the numbers are not a real value, your feelings vary from day to day and so particularly when working with low numbers or vague emotions it can take some time to clear.

    Despite you having read the FAQs etc I have to say that the Click Tracks remove unwanted emotions. In order to do this effectively you have to be able to re-live the emotions while running the click track and really try as hard as you can to keep on feeling them while tapping in synch with the clicks. This is in no way easy, simple sounding but difficult to acheive. It is also natural to not want to re-live unpleasant feelings and experiences. How well have you been getting on with this?

    You might find it pays to not work on issues directly but why you have them and why you cannot change. These are not logical or reasonable but emotional and so amenable to Click Tracking. Don't know what your issues are and so I can't give any pointers as to causes however your subconscious has a “protective attitude” and resists change. In your case this resistance to change might be worth exploring. People become identified with their issues, they become part of them, they might have had them all their lives and know nothing else. Change becomes frightening, going into the unknown, becoming a different person. With PSTEC you are in control, you are aiming to become the person you want to be and so the “fear of change” is unfounded and can and should be Click Tracked.

    Since you have been working at it without any benefit so far I suggest you go to the site and listen to and read some of the success stories or see these videos on my site PSTEC has worked for them it can work for you too. This in order to rebuild your faith in PSTEC which has taken a knock and needs resetting.

    You can try taking a break from Click Tracking and regroup. It is best not to keep on getting nowhere although sometimes you are nearer to success the longer you have been working at it. Download the FREE Wealth of Abundance hypnotic track from my site and just “lay back and listen” as often as you can for a while.

    Please get back to us. I might have to ask yet more questions in order to reboot your change efforts.