Reply To: PSTEC does not work. Why?

Peter Bunyan


    Things you can do.

    You have been using PSTEC for a while now as diligently as you can and got, as far as you can tell, nowhere! This sucks, right! Furthermore here is me trying to tell you that all this time you might have been doing it all wrong. I hope that I have not come across this way, but it still sucks though!

    But look at it this way. You may not think you have got anywhere but just having used the Click Tracks a number of times will have had some benefits. You have learnt how to use them and they will have made changes to you, just perhaps they were not the ones you were looking for and thus gone unnoticed. This will have prepared your mind for the changes to come. Your only fault is in being human and trying to use reason and logic to solve a non-logical problem, but hey, we all do that!

    Firstly, you have made the suggestion and proved it to yourself that “PSTEC does not work” (the title of this thread). (Perhaps, did you feel that it was FREE and therefore not going to). However this is a negative thought with negative feelings and should be the first target of some Click Tracking as is the stuff above that “sucks”. Negative thoughts and feelings stop you from achieving what ever it is you are trying to do. Click Tracking them away is like taking off the parking brake in your car before being able to drive forwards.

    A lot of this negative stuff can seem fairly nebulous, difficult to get a hold of. In order to bring this stuff into focus so you can feel it to Click Track it away it is good to focus on what it is you really do want. When you think about your dream, your goals, where you want to be in 5 years time, make these absolute “blue sky thinking” no restrictions at all, what so ever. This will almost certainly bring up lots of reasons why these dreams are unobtainable, “but I have not got enough money”, I'm never going to have enough…” “but I'm stuck here in this job”. These are the sorts of things that might crop up, quite often starting with “but”. These are the things to Click Track. They may not have “names” like “self-confidence” or “anxiety” or “anger” but they are your immediate problem to deal with and Click Track. Do not let thoughts like “Yes but I really do not have enough money, how is PSTEC going to change that?” fool you. It has a “but” in it. These sort of thoughts are produced by negative feelings in your subconscious, your subconscious drives everything you do. If feelings like that remain, you really will “never have enough money”. So Click Track them away and allow a more positive future to happen.

    If for some reason you cannot get on at this time with “blue sky” thinking, then there is another way forward. In order to magnify the negativity to Click Track… imagine! Imagine a future where you are trapped, like your parents, never going to get out, stuck, make it the worst possible thing that could happen to you, a truly horrible scenario to you. Now run the Click Track!

    So PSTEC does work, it has for thousands of others, it can work for you too! Just change the way you are using it, do not look for reasons, Click Track anything that (as Jeff puts it) does not bring you JEEP, Joy, Excitement, Enthusiasm and Peace, whatever negative feelings you have right now!

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