Reply To: Getting rejected by girls i like

Peter Bunyan

    Hi obstsruktion

    The goal of going out to “get a girl” is probably not the best way to look at the problem. If a girl does not want to be “got” then you will be rejected. Go out have fun enjoy yourself and if you go home alone then it is not you, you are no worse a person. It will happen on another time in the future. You might meet a girl you like and all might go well for a while and then it all falls apart a week or few later. If you meet a girl that on first meeting seems not to be ideal then may be just hang out together and it might be you will see things in each other that were not initially obvious. People are like books you cannot tell what they are like from a glance at the cover. It takes time to get to know people.

    If you think to yourself “I will never get a girl”or something like it, then this is being generated by feelings of low self worth and insecurity. These are the feelings to “Click” on.