Reply To: PSTEC and Spiritual Awakening

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Mahalo for the expanded response Peter!!

    I will add a little something here because I have used PSTEC specifically for my Spiritual Play (work?  nah!).

    I see a Spiritual Path as one that experiential;practicing in human form, so to speak.
    One that is very specific and individuated for each and every person.

    I cannot tell you what your Spiritual Path would be… that, my friend, I leave up to you.

    But, you can “clear the way” to allow your Spiritual Connection to be more clear for you… to allow Truth to invade and pervade your consciousness as opposed to the chatter you referenced.  The chatter is merely what you have programmed for yourself or allowed others to program for you.

    So, as Peter alluded, “the search for self improvement, for happiness, peace and love and what better goal in life can there be?”
    This aspect, I believe, is Universal in that if we are moving in harmony with Absolute Truth… with the expansion and evolution of the Universe (however that is achieved) … it seems unlikely that this would be done with anger, jealousy, hate, fear or anything that is not JEEP (joy, enthusiasm, excitement, peace).

    So, when we align ourselves with JEEP, we open the channel to harmonize with what I call our True Self… you could call it Spirit … call it Truth.
    When you clean and clear your mind, this could manifest as guidance in your Life or revelation … again, that I leave up to you.

    My task, as I see it, is to merely help you out of the muck … to disconnect the disharmony in your mind … so that you can allow the Truth into your Mind and then allow expansion of your consciousness as you see fit… as you are guided.

    When we consider this possibility, suddenly, our most important task or first task, would be to Live a Life of Jeep or as some would profess, a Life of Unconditional Forgiveness and Love.  So, again, how can we possibly do this without experiencing JEEP?  How can we do this if we are holding grievances, prejudice or see the world and people as awful, disgusting or fearful?
    The two could not possibly go hand in hand.

    This makes cleaning and clearing our minds of all that we have learned that involves fear or anything that is not JEEP… correcting our errors in thinking … of the utmost importance.  We are cleaning and clearing that human or animal tendencies so that we can allow a much Higher purpose to manifest here.
    And what better way than to perform Guideline #1 …

    1. If it's not JEEP, CT it!
    Take memories and imagined events that arise and if you don't have JEEP… or if you are not neutral about them which I equate to “Peace” … then CT them!
    Be ruthless and absolute because if memories and imagined events cause you fear, stress or anything not JEEP, ask yourself what purpose they serve (which, by the way, is a great question to expose limiting beliefs).

    Ah, then we have our personal beliefs, values, ideals, definitions and behaviors. If these beliefs we currently hold limit our movement into unlimited possibilities;If we find ourselves agreeing that hate, anger, jealousy and fear are justified; Consider shifting our beliefs and behaviors with Guideline #2 …

    2. Use PSTEC Negative to erase beliefs that do not serve our Spiritual Quest, and, Use PSTEC Positive to suggest to our subconscious the beliefs that support a Life of JEEP…a Life of Unconditional Forgiveness and Love … a Spiritual Life.

    As I clear my mind of the “junk in the trunk” then I am easily able to allow my Truth to come into my Mind and act as a guidance… to act as a further cleanser and corrector of errors.  I am able to think clearly, quickly and to act in the best interests of myself and those around me.

    I am also able to move into seeing more and more of the Truth of everyone… their True Selves as well.

    Ok, so the practical…

    I covered a couple guidelines above.
    In addition, here is a suggestion from my own personal experience.

    You can take what you perceive as Spiritual Values from your own mind or what you have found from other people's perspectives, and you can take those beliefs and definitions and use PSTEC Positive to suggest them to your subconscious to help form a more harmonic Mind.

    For example, I have taken the Lessons from A Course in Miracles and have used the theme from each Lesson and use PSTEC Positive to instill that value/belief/definition. Very interesting practice!  Also, if I have emotional reactions to a particular thought from a book, I can CT what aspect bothers me about that and how I see it in my life.

    But, again, nothing different here, as you can see, from the simple two guidelines above.

    Keep it simple and merely clear the way for something different… something Higher.
    Explore and be bold to break away (merely a choice) from the cultural, religious, family norms.
    Dedicate yourself to seeing Truth and keep asking Within.

    But, the more you clear away from the past and let it go, the easier the asking will occur and the easier “hearing” answers will happen for you as well.

    And, as Tim says, “You might just amaze yourself.”
    Aloha ia O'Koa Pa'ulo
    When we meet in Love…We Shall Be Whole!