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Sally Baker

    I've been successfully working with the food cravings tracks on all sorts of foods and quite often on fizzy drinks. Don't worry about the words when Tim says think of it turned inside out as it is just one of any number of powerful suggestions. It's as difficult as imagining seeing ice cream or crisps or mars bars turned inside out in theory but works just as well. 

    The key to successfully releasing your craving desire is to really conjure up the food stuff/drink that you crave. Really focus on the feelings of anticipation and desire – get those feelings as real and as big as you can.

    I always try to buy the product for my clients or ask them to bring one along –  i can't tell you how often they forget though :) – it's fine – it's just part of their resistance. Rest assured it works great for fizzy drinks.

    It's great to watch clients taste their previous object of craving after the work is completed for them to say they can't even imaging eating or drinking it and that they really don't want it. Ahh the power of PSTEC. Regards and good luck with your work Sally