Reply To: Acne

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Mariza

    There is not much about Acne and PSTEC. PSTEC can help reduce stress. This could be that related to your appearance or other causes which some sources say can contribute to acne. Low sugar and carbohydrate Paleo style diets also low/non dairy (also part of most Paleo diets) have a lot of anecdotal evidence to suggest that diet can be a factor. Most clearly related to acne are hormonal changes at puberty and beyond. Women using hormone base contraceptives also might have a problem.

    Although I have no personal experience of this, some people with body shape/looks issues have tried PSTEC Click Tracking while looking into a mirror. I would expect to do this opening and closing your eyes throughout the track. When looking try to feel all the anger, frustration and any other negative emotions and try to keep hold of them eyes closed.

    Personally I use the dietary guidance from Mark Sissons book , Primal Blueprint and his blog This is a moderate easy to follow Paleo diet. Recommended within it is restricting dairy products and all carbohydrates particularly sugars.

    There is also a possibility of using PSTEC Cascade Release but I would still work with the Click Tracks first.

    This is not much to go on, but I hope it is helpful.
    Please let me know.