Reply To: ENRAGED by my negative belief


    Thanks, Peter.  Yes, I have Level 1 as well as 2015 and the 2 advanced.  I have Pain and Anger, etc.  I have all the interviews.  In fact, I have most, if not all of the click tracks and have been using them daily for about 6 months for all sorts of negative emotions.  I have been severely depressed and anxious for much of my life and 4 years ago developed panic disorder and been diagnosed with complex trauma disorder – levels of trauma that go beyond PTSD.  I am in therapy and understand the “small bites” concept of PTSD ct-ing.  I am on a targeted Walsh nutrient protocol and am studying biochemistry to put the pieces together.

    I am not raging at myself, I'm raging at this “thing” that continues to sabotage my life.  I haven't done much of the Positive tracks because I understand that clearing the negative by ct-ing comes first.  After all this, I was amazed at the rage the Negative tracks uncovered and feel it's a good thing to see this beast up close and personal so I can deal with it.

    My question is how to work with Negative or even regular click tracking when this rage takes over.  There is simply no way I can do Negative nice and polite when I want to rip the guts out of this stuckness.  However, the regular click tracks do not invoke the rage I need to deal with.

    So I will do as you suggest with the Positive tracks and lay off the Negative until I deal with these sorta new emotions (I knew I had fury but thought that by now with all the ct-ing I've been doing, it should be getting better. It's very hard to envision 'success' when, as you mentioned, I have so little experience with expecting or receiving success when these extreme reactions are running the show at a very deep level.  I will most likely take this to a PSTEC practitioner because of all the complexity.  Will let you know how it goes and appreciate your feedback.