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Peter Bunyan

    Hi Adamsss

    Good to hear that you have had some success with the FREE Basic Click Tracks so far.

    Forgive me if I am guessing a bit here but it sounds to me like you are investing some emotion into losing this tightness as it represents some bad elements from your past. While this is entirely understandable to us, your subconscious may not understand.

    Your subconscious does not really understand the concept of negative, of something not being, of a vacuum. Also it resists change out of fear of the unknown future. The tightness is a habit you have had for a long time and has become part of you. What to do about it though?

    Rather than losing the tightness think in terms of an exchange, swapping it for something better. Imagine how good you would feel tightness free. Turn it into a positive thing. Feeling good free from the problem not just something gone. If you spent more time imagining and thinking about a happy tightness free future than concerned about the tightness you have had, and still have, then it would eventually go. You can use other paid for PSTEC Tools like PSTEC Positive to accelerate this process or other FREE stuff like Wealth of Abundance. The latter helps with gratitude not just for what you have but for the things you have yet to get. This again helps you feel more positive and you cannot feel negative and positive emotions at the same time. Also FREE is the new Mindfulness and PSTEC tutorial in which Tim describes a cheap low tech way of solving all issues.

    Also with the FREE Click Tracks you already have, you can imagine a future that is the worst case scenario, what ever is worst for you. This might be the tightness never going, or getting worse, being totally debilitated by it say. Get this disaster in mind and Click Track it. This is helping to remove the fear of change, of bad things that might happen. Click Track any emotion stopping you from moving forward to that better future. While Click Tracking away the bad feelings associated with past events is good you also need to look forwards. What do you want instead? Who do you want to become?

    Hope I have given you a way of looking at the problem to get you past it.