Reply To: how to tap feelings of guilt?

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Sydney

    Re 1: The guilt is still a negative emotion that needs removing even if it was “induced” into your innocent childhood by bad people. You are still carrying that guilt even though it was not your fault. The guilt is still affecting you as if it really was your fault.

    Can you now recall those early abuse incidents and the guilt without triggering the OCD or other PTSD like symptoms? If you can then the simplest advice is to use PSTEC Click Tracks 2015 with the wrapper track and work directly on them. If this is still not possible then perhaps working on  the further complications with the failed therapy if those memories also have associated guilt etc. . Alongside the guilt do you also feel indignant at this unjustified blame being put upon you. Do you also get angry about it? Do you feel betrayed by others? If you get angry then it would be entirely understandable however it is not a helpful emotion even if more than justified.

    I think what I am getting at is another way of nibbling around the edges of the problem and working towards the center. This by Click Tracking other surrounding associated negative emotions. Anger is probably the one to start with as it is so damaging. So what gets you angry? Not just about your past history, but what triggers it now? Anything? Click Track any recent event or news or story that made you angry. This may not seem to be answering your question but it is certainly related to your past history and as such worth trying.