Reply To: how to tap feelings of guilt?

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Sidney apologies not Sydney and Jeff

    Jeff – I look forward to your new interview and thanks for your work on producing it and all the others.

    As PSTEC therapists we believe that only you can solve your own problems. PSTEC provides the tools and us therapists the support and guidance. Whatever you believe is important and we just help you get to where you want to go with the minimum of input. This is empowering for you, giving you the control. As such a situation like that with your past therapists is unable to happen because you are responsible for you. If you believe and feel that you are still controlled by your past then that is a belief that needs changing.

    Your paradigm of mind which forms yourself is ever growing and changing and not “set in stone” This flexibility extends backwards in time, what happened to you happened, but the way you feel about it can change and the way you feel now change as a result, and quickly, like a chain of dominoes falling. As a default we generally suggest working by removing emotions from past events first, but that chain of dominoes can fall the other way from the present backwards just as easily. By focusing your efforts on feeling better now you will change the way you feel about past events. In your case this means you would not have to spend your time immersed in your past terrible events which support and trigger the OCD and PTSD.

    There is lots more to say, but for now does this sound like an attractive idea to you Sidney?