Reply To: Stage Fright

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Jim

    First if you have not done so already, download the FREE Basic Click Tracks. (Email address required). Unzip and listen to the instructions file first. Good if you use earphones, better still headphones.

    When you are ready to use the Click Tracks. Imagine yourself on stage and what ever it is that concerns you most, freezing up, forgetting your lines, looking stupid, screwing up or maybe just all those people looking at you, or perhaps you are more concerned about screwing up and letting down your teachers, family, etc. Whatever it is imagine it all going horribly wrong and that audience reacting badly. This is likely to produce some unpleasant feelings. Run the Click Track keeping that imaginary disaster and those feelings in mind as much as you can.

    Also if you have had some previous bad experiences of this sort then try to remember the worst of those while running the Click Track.

    There is much more but this would be a good first step and may be all you need.
    Keep us posted with how you get on.
    Any more questions? Please ask away!