Reply To: How would I find Primers for this?


    Thanks, Paul and Peter.

    Sadly, this was a case of me being in a room when people were not aware I was there, and I heard exactly what was said and the group response. So, yes, I was witness to the evidence. It's sad, or rather pathetic, because the comment was made by one of my teachers way back in high school. I had also seen this level of immaturity from this teacher projected onto a friend. Not to mention other teachers towards myself and others. It's scary that there is currently no standards for teachers in this regards. I've seen plenty of power tripping behaviour too. Luckily I had some really wonderful teachers too.

    Anyway, I have CT'd the feelings, which by this stage of my life, revolve more around the subsequent subconscious lack of trust I have in people and difficulty in making friends. I also lost confidence in the field of expertise I was learning from that teacher. It took me a few decades to understand all this. So you can imagine I feel like I've missed out on a lot because of that incident.

    I'm now inclined to set up new beliefs of being emotionally impervious to people's disrespect of me.