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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Requin,

    Hope you are keeping well.

    The self-concept of being “thin-skinned” can be handled very well by using the Click Tracks. You likely have this concept of yourself since you feel upset by certain comments people make to or about you.

    The CTs help you build “emotional muscle”, so continue to imagine scenarios that cause you distress/upset and, whilst trying to feel these emotions, CT down to 0. Therr is no set time on how long this will take, but the end result will be worth it.

    I would recommend making this the main part of your routine and, as you persist with this, I would expect that the same scenarios that would lead you to conclude that you were too sensitive or thin-skinned just will not show up the same way for you the same way.

    Once you neutralise the emotions and change the meaning of events, everything changes.

    To bolster the effects of this work, I would recommend targeting the issue using some of the other PSTEC tools.

    It might be worth looking at PSTEC Negative and eliminating the belief “(It is my belief that) I'm too thin-skinned.” There are very elegant ways to counter that belief before running the track. There will be other beliefs that contribute to this pattern, I would expect.

    This cannot be lab-tested, of course, but I would suggest that eliminating this belief would open up new possibilities for you. So, rather than just concluding you are too thin-skinned, it would let you see that you have other resources and were just feeling hurt by comments.

    You could support this by adding in Positive suggestions like “I feel more resilient every day”, “I can feel good, no matter what is said to me” and “I feel secure in myself.” Of course, this will be most effective if the suggestions resonate with you and you are running the CTs to neutralise the negative emotions you feel when you are criticised.


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